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Crypto Industry

by Li฿εʁLiøη

To keep it short. To keep it simple.

🔽Index of my articles, about the crypto industry, published in different media.

  1. Crypto-banking adoption
  2. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #1 
  3. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #2 
  4. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #3
  5. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #4
  6. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #5
  7. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #6
  8. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #7
  9. Wallets that change public address
  10. The Great Reset. Cryptoeconomics.
  11. Cryptowallets
  12. What are hierarchical deterministic wallets (HD)?
  13. What is a token?
  14. Blockchain Trilemma
  15. Proof of stake vs. Proof of work
  16. Common mistakes when talking about blockchain
  17. What is blockchain?
  18. The value of crypto-currencies as money
  19. Open source knowledge
  20. What is a node?
  21. Crypto-financial privacy
  22. Privacy, Anonymity and Security
  23. Session Messenger. Review
  24. Keep Your Privacy With Session Messenger
  25. Decentralize your mind
  26. Invest in fundamentals
  27. Risks at DeFi
  28. Regulations in the crypto industry
  29. Synthetic token regulations
  30. The carrot and the stick
  31. The Blockchain as Sovereignty of the Individual
  32. DAO: Treasury Management for Sustainability
  33. Scam Alerts in DeFi
  34. KYC, a Mass Surveillance Instrument
  35. Accounting Models in Blockchain: UTxO, eUTxO and Account Models
  36. Metaverse is Centralized Technocracy
  37. Lightning Network: A Trojan Horse in the Crypto industry
  38. SocialFi is the First Step Towards the Metaverse
  39. The Crypto Adoption Must be Voluntary
  40. Regulations Will Attack Bitcoin Decentralization
  41. DAO, the Social Structure of Cryptoanarchism
  42. Cryptoanarchy: Libertarianism and Voluntarism in the Blockchain
  43. The Crypto-Time Bomb
  44. Not Surprisingly, Tail Emission is Inflationary
  45. The Most Used Blockchain Consensus Types
  46. The Importance of Privacy and Decentralized Identity. You are your data.
  47. Cryptocurrency Burning is Monetary Policy Hell
  48. Good Practices for Hardware Wallets
  49. The Impact of Current Cryptocurrency Regulation: Cryptoassets, Commodities, or Securities?
  50. The Debasement Of Bitcoin. A Lesson To Learn.

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