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by Li฿εʁLiøη

To keep it short. To keep it simple.

🔽Index of my articles, about Cardano’s Governance, published in different media.

  1. Why is a Cardano Community Hub necessary?
  2. The Cardano Autonomy
  3. Treasury systems
  4. Voting and decision making
  5. Financing Cardano’s treasury
  6. Catalyst, a DAO at Cardano.
  7. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): The Brief History, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
  8. Defining Decentralized Governance and the Multitude of Different Models
  9. Governance in The Voltaire Era and The Cardano Treasury 
  10. Taking a Look at Cardano’s Monetary Policy
  11. The Byzantine Generals Problem Within Consensus
  12. The Beginning of Cardano’s Governance: Project Catalyst 
  13. A CIP for a Decentralized Governance Mechanism for the Voltaire Era
  14. Decentralization Vulnerable in Cardano Catalyst: dReps
  15. The Evolution Of Voting Systems On The Cardano Blockchain
  16. Cardano Governance Could be An Opportunity For Pure Democracy
  17. Governance 2.0


  1. C64 NFTs Minter (On-chain+Identity)
  2. Cardano Connector: A MetaMask Like Plugin
  3. Liqwid Protocol Security Audit
  4. A Full NFT Platform: Nft-maker.io
  5. Crowdano Crowdfunding Platform


  1. Nami Wallet
  2. StakeBoard: Connecting Delegators to SPOs
  3. Multiverse – dApp Rollback Handler
  4. The Milkomeda Oracle
  5. dcSpark Looks to Introduce the Cross-chain Asset Transfer Standard
  6. GameChanger: The Onboarding Wallet
  7. Multisig For Building EVM Bridges
  8. NFT-MAKER Proposes a NFT Bridge To IOTA
  9. DARP: A Proposal for A Cardano Address Name Service
  10. Cardano Analytics Data Hub
  11. The Catalyst School
  12. Gimbalabs Begins its Transformation into a DAO
  13. A Reach Proof of Concept on Cardano
  14. Private Transactions on Cardano?
  15. Cardanoscan Continues Development with an API Service


  1. C64 Extension Wallet
  2. Research DAO
  3. Glow Implementation to the Plutus Application Backend
  4. Living Greens Initiative to Bring a dApp to Urban Farmers
  5. Mutual Knowledge Wants to Bring The Account Model to Cardano
  6. Stakeboard: Social Staking Platform
  7. Indigo Labs Aims to Build a Software Development Kit for Cardano DEXes
  8. Stakeboard Introduces Two SPO-driven Financing Models
  9. Meet Alice: The Cardano Staking Detective from Stakeboard
  10. Cardano in Spanish
  11. GameChanger Wants to Support Smart Contracts
  12. Formal Verification Engine for Glow
  13. Innovatio Crowdfunding Launchpad
  14. A DAO to Support Single Pool Operators
  15. DeFi On-Chain Data Analytics from Maladex
  16. Maladex aims for a Custodian Layer on Cardano for Banks and other Institutional Customers
  17. MLabs Introduces a Proposal for the Dao-Traded-Fund (DTF)


  1. A Platform as a Service (PasS) for NFT
  2. AdaPulse, a Platform Growing at the Pace of the Cardano Community
  3. MLabs Proposes a Cardano-Transaction-Library
  4. ADAO Creates Summon, the DAO Incubator for Cardano
  5. Cardano Hackathon in Argentina
  6. EternalSwap: The Perpetual Smart Contracts for Cardano
  7. Agora: a Plutus Governance Module
  8. MLabs Proposes a Specification Language for Security in DApps
  9. ADAO Develops a Multi-Signature Wallet
  10. Tangopay, the Payment Processor for Dancing with Ada


  1. Cardano Blockchain Insights: The Complete Data Platform
  2. Dolos: Cardano “Data Node”
  3. ArgusNFT Wants to Add Decentralized Identity to Legitimize NFTs
  4. MLabs Proposes Building a Cardano Transaction Library to Blockfrost
  5. A Consultant to Survey and Obtain Data from Communities
  6. AdaPulse: Independent Media Outlet
  7. Typhon Wallet Mobile App
  8. ADA LINK: A Decentralization Tool
  9. Cardano Latam Hubs: Building Communities
  10. MAYZ: Cardano Cross-Chain Index
  11. A Bridge between Cardano and Cosmos

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