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General Conditions for Hiring Articles

You can hire my work to write articles signed under my pseudonym or articles without a signature, known as ‘ghostwriting’. 

The articles are contracted in one language, in English or Spanish, and in case of translation they have a cost.

The delivery of the material is done by digital means to be agreed upon. 

As an author I preserve my real identity under the pseudonym of LiberLion (hereinafter the author), making the hiring and dialogue for contractual relations, at all times, via Telegram @ LiberLion , email liberlion@protonmail.com or Discord LiberLION#6865 

The articles are contracted by number of words. The reading of articles is 1 minute every 200 words and can be: 

  • research articles (data analysis, study and opinion)
  • development articles (with analysis, without opinion)
  • thematic articles (compilation of information from various sources)
  • Translation of articles (Spanish-English; English-Spanish)
  • review of articles (content + grammar/spelling)
  • review of articles (grammar/spelling)

You can request the budget of Fees (Economic Compensation) to the means of contact mentioned above.

The contracting conditions are:



The articles signed with authorship respect at all times the following Creative Commons licenses , and may be sold or marketed giving participation to the author, and may not be adapted or modified.

At the time of being published or distributed in digital or physical media (on paper), the articles must keep at the bottom (at the end) the following signature: Li฿εʁLiøη liberlion.com 

The author may advertise or disseminate these articles by linking and citing the source where the contracting party published the material. 


The author assigns all rights of publication, reproduction, distribution, or commercialization in digital or physical media (paper). 

In this way, the article is freely available without being able to mention its authorship.

Publicado por LiberLion

La descentralización es Proof of Liberty. Twitter @liberlion17

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