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🔽Index of my articles, about Cardano and Crypto Ecosystem, published in different media.

  1. What is Cardano?
  2. Store your ADAs safely
  3. Project Catalyst, Fund2. Winners
  4. Variable fee and rewards
  5. Ouroboros How does the protocol work?
  6. Why is a Cardano Community Hub necessary?
  7. The Cardano Autonomy
  8. Cardano Design
  9. Cardano Eras
  10. UTXO Model of Cardano: simply explained
  11. Cardano Wallets
  12. Treasury systems
  13. Voting and decision making
  14. Decentralization
  15. Delegation
  16. Transaction fees
  17. Cardano’s monetary policy
  18. Cardano and the portability of technology
  19. Addresses in Cardano
  20. Ergo will complement Cardano
  21. Digital identity on blockchain
  22. Decentralization, a matter of education
  23. Cardano and competition in the ecosystem
  24. You delegate your power
  25. Transaction fees
  26. Cardano vs Polkadot
  27. CEX: a failure point in decentralization
  28. Cardano and tokenisation
  29. ADA: non inflationary policy
  30. Understanding decentralization
  31. How to read transactions in Cardano
  32. The time in Cardano according to Ouroboros
  33. Don’t expect 100% of ADA in delegation
  34. Smart contracts and their challenges
  35. The most efficient consensus model
  36. Financing Cardano’s treasury
  37. Global adoption will be by usability
  38. Catalyst FUND3. The choice of the Cardano community.
  39. Cardano, the global operating system
  40. Adoption in Cardano. A statistical estimate.
  41. Catalyst, a DAO at Cardano.
  42. Cardano is the true blockchain 3.0
  43. Goguen. The DeFi era in Cardano
  44. Stake pools vs. liquidity pools
  45. Choose pool to delegate. Practical concepts
  46. Liquidity risk at DeFi
  47. IELE
  48. Speed in the Shelley era
  49. The Initial Stake Pool Offering model
  50. What you should know about Cardano. Part 1
  51. What you should know about Cardano. Part 2
  52. Concurrency in the eUTxO model is not a problem but a challenge
  53. ADA Handle
  54. Ardana
  55. ALDEA, the Spanish-speaking DAO
  56. The devil’s lawyer
  57. World Mobile
  58. L2: Arbitrum on Ethereum vs Hydra on Cardano
  59. What is Stakeboard on the Cardano Blockchain?
  60. The Free Market and Game Theory in the Proof of Stake Consensus
  61. Parasites on the Cardano Consensus
  62. Decentralization Vulnerable in Cardano Catalyst: dReps
  1. C64 NFTs Minter (On-chain+Identity) Catalyst FUND5
  2. Cardano Connector: A MetaMask Like Plugin Catalyst FUND5
  3. Liqwid Protocol Security Audit Catalyst FUND5
  4. A Full NFT Platform: Nft-maker.io Catalyst FUND6
  5. Crowdano Crowdfunding Platform Catalyst FUND6
  6. Analyzing the Risk in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  7. The Crypto Industry and the Incoming Regulations
  8. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): The Brief History, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
  9. Defining Decentralized Governance and the Multitude of Different Models
  10. The Future of Blockchain Will Be Interoperability
  11. The Next Evolution in Blockchain: Decentralized Identity
  12. Are Your Digital Assets Secure? Best Practices to Help Mitigate Risk
  13. Decentralization As a Way of Life?
  14. What Exactly are Seed Phrases from Your Favorite Wallet and is it Secure?
  15. Decentralizing the Development of Cardano
  16. Nami Wallet Catalyst FUND6
  17. StakeBoard: Connecting Delegators to SPOs Catalyst FUND6
  18. Multiverse – dApp Rollback Handler Catalyst FUND6
  19. The Milkomeda Oracle Catalyst FUND6
  20. dcSpark Looks to Introduce the Cross-chain Asset Transfer Standard Catalyst FUND6
  21. GameChanger: The Onboarding Wallet Catalyst FUND6
  22. Multisig For Building EVM Bridges Catalyst FUND6
  23. NFT-MAKER Proposes a NFT Bridge To IOTA Catalyst FUND6
  24. DARP: A Proposal for A Cardano Address Name Service Catalyst FUND6
  25. Cardano Analytics Data Hub Catalyst FUND6
  26. The Catalyst School v
  27. Gimbalabs Begins its Transformation into a DAO Catalyst FUND6
  28. A Reach Proof of Concept on Cardano Catalyst FUND6
  29. Private Transactions on Cardano? Catalyst FUND6
  30. Cardanoscan Continues Development with an API Service Catalyst FUND6
  31. An Influx of Wallets Are Entering the Cardano Ecosystem. Which One Should You Use?
  32. Let’s Talk Scalability. One of the Challenges in the Blockchain Trilemma
  33. IOHK Presents Hydra: A Scaling Solution for Cardano.
  34. Stablecoins: A Necessity for the Crypto Industry
  35. The Stablecoin Ecosystem Being Built on Cardano
  36. Maladex: A DeFi Daemon
  37. Maladex: A DEX with Programmable Swaps
  38. Liqwid Finance: A DeFi Lending Protocol – Part 1
  39. Liqwid Finance: A DeFi Lending Protocol – Part 2
  40. ErgoDEX: A Decentralized Interoperable Exchange – Part I
  41. C64 Extension Wallet Catalyst FUND7
  42. Research DAO Catalyst FUND7
  43. Glow Implementation to the Plutus Application Backend Catalyst FUND7
  44. Living Greens Initiative to Bring a dApp to Urban Farmers Catalyst FUND7
  45. Mutual Knowledge Wants to Bring The Account Model to Cardano Catalyst FUND7
  46. Stakeboard: Social Staking Platform Catalyst FUND7
  47. Indigo Labs Aims to Build a Software Development Kit for Cardano DEXes Catalyst FUND7
  48. Stakeboard Introduces Two SPO-driven Financing Models Catalyst FUND7
  49. Meet Alice: The Cardano Staking Detective from Stakeboard Catalyst FUND7
  50. Cardano in Spanish Catalyst FUND7
  51. GameChanger Wants to Support Smart Contracts Catalyst FUND7
  52. Formal Verification Engine for Glow Catalyst FUND7
  53. Innovatio Crowdfunding Launchpad Catalyst FUND7
  54. A DAO to Support Single Pool Operators Catalyst FUND7
  55. DeFi On-Chain Data Analytics from Maladex Catalyst FUND7
  56. Maladex aims for a Custodian Layer on Cardano for Banks and other Institutional Customers Catalyst FUND7
  57. MLabs Introduces a Proposal for the Dao-Traded-Fund (DTF) Catalyst FUND7
  58. Minswap: The DEX Building Multiple Approaches to Liquidity Pools – Part 1
  59. Minswap: The DEX Building Multiple Approaches to Liquidity Pools – Part 2
  60. The Basho Era: Scalability for Cardano in 2022
  61. MuesliSwap: The Cardano DEX with a Decentralized Order Book — Part 1
  62. MuesliSwap: The Cardano DEX with a Decentralized Order Book — Part 2
  63. Oura: The Tail of Cardano
  64. Milkomeda: A Sidechain Protocol in Cardano}
  65. Understanding Different Type of Attacks on Blockchain Consensus
  66. Governance in The Voltaire Era and The Cardano Treasury 
  67. Taking a Look at Cardano’s Monetary Policy
  68. Cardano Proposes to Take DeFi One Step Further: RealFi —Part 1
  69. Cardano Proposes to Take DeFi One Step Further: RealFi —Part 2
  70. A Platform as a Service (PasS) for NFT Catalyst FUND8
  71. AdaPulse, a Platform Growing at the Pace of the Cardano Community Catalyst FUND8
  72. MLabs Proposes a Cardano-Transaction-Library FUND8
  73. ADAO Creates Summon, the DAO Incubator for Cardano FUND8
  74. Cardano Hackathon in Argentina FUND8
  75. EternalSwap: The Perpetual Smart Contracts for Cardano FUND8
  76. Agora: a Plutus Governance Module FUND8
  77. MLabs Proposes a Specification Language for Security in DApps FUND8
  78. ADAO Develops a Multi-Signature Wallet FUND8
  79. Blockchain Interoperability: Lights and Shadows — Part 1
  80. Blockchain Interoperability: Lights and Shadows — Part 2
  81. Basho Era Progresses with ‘Vasil’ Hard Fork
  82. Cardashift: The Launchpad to Debug The World
  83. CBDC: Government Centralized Money
  84. WingRiders: A L1 Decentralized Exchange Built on Cardano
  85. Price Follows Value, Ada Follows Cardano
  86. Orbis: A Cardano Scaling Solution
  87. Genius Yield: Unlocking DeFi for Everyone
Crypto Ecosystem
  1. Crypto-banking adoption
  2. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #1 
  3. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #2 
  4. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #3
  5. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #4
  6. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #5
  7. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #6
  8. Breaking down the 7 myths of Bitcoin #7
  9. Wallets that change public address
  10. The Great Reset. Cryptoeconomics.
  11. Cryptowallets
  12. Cybersecurity tips
  13. What are hierarchical deterministic wallets (HD)?
  14. What is a token?
  15. Blockchain Trilemma
  16. Proof of stake vs. Proof of work
  17. Common mistakes when talking about blockchain
  18. What is blockchain?
  19. The value of crypto-currencies as money
  20. Open source knowledge
  21. What is a node?
  22. Crypto-financial privacy
  23. Privacy, Anonymity and Security
  24. Session Messenger. Review
  25. Keep Your Privacy With Session Messenger
  26. Decentralize your mind
  27. Invest in fundamentals
  28. Risks at DeFi
  29. Regulations in the crypto industry
  30. Synthetic token regulations
  31. The carrot and the stick
  32. The Blockchain as Sovereignty of the Individual
  33. DAO: Treasury Management for Sustainability
  34. Scam Alerts in DeFi
  35. Accounting Models in Blockchain: UTxO, eUTxO and Account Models
  36. Metaverse is Centralized Technocracy
  37. Tangopay, the Payment Processor for Dancing with Ada
  38. Lightning Network: The Trojan Horse of the Crypto industry
  39. SocialFi is the First Step Towards the Metaverse
  40. Decentralized Digital Identity
  41. The Crypto Adoption Must be Voluntary
  42. Regulations Will Attack Bitcoin Decentralization
  43. DAO, the Social Structure of Cryptoanarchism
  44. Cryptoanarchy: Libertarianism and Voluntarism in the Blockchain
  45. The Crypto-Time Bomb

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