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To keep it short. To keep it simple.

🔽Index of my articles, about Cardano, published in different media.

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  1. What is Cardano?
  2. Store your ADAs safely
  3. Variable fee and rewards
  4. Ouroboros How does the protocol work?
  5. Why is a Cardano Community Hub necessary?
  6. Cardano Design
  7. Cardano Eras
  8. UTXO Model of Cardano: simply explained
  9. Cardano Wallets
  10. Voting and decision making
  11. Delegation
  12. Transaction fees
  13. Cardano’s monetary policy
  14. Cardano and the portability of technology
  15. Addresses in Cardano
  16. Ergo will complement Cardano
  17. Digital identity on blockchain
  18. Cardano and competition in the ecosystem
  19. You delegate your power
  20. Transaction fees
  21. Cardano vs Polkadot
  22. Cardano and tokenisation
  23. ADA: non inflationary policy
  24. How to read transactions in Cardano
  25. The time in Cardano according to Ouroboros
  26. Don’t expect 100% of ADA in delegation
  27. Smart contracts and their challenges
  28. The most efficient consensus model
  29. Global adoption will be by usability
  30. Cardano, the global operating system
  31. Adoption in Cardano. A statistical estimate.
  32. Cardano is the true blockchain 3.0
  33. Goguen. The DeFi era in Cardano
  34. Stake pools vs. liquidity pools
  35. Choose pool to delegate. Practical concepts
  36. IELE
  37. The Initial Stake Pool Offering model
  38. What you should know about Cardano. Part 1
  39. What you should know about Cardano. Part 2
  40. Concurrency in the eUTxO model is not a problem but a challenge
  41. The devil’s lawyer
  42. L2: Arbitrum on Ethereum vs Hydra on Cardano
  43. The Free Market and Game Theory in the Proof of Stake Consensus
  44. Parasites on the Cardano Consensus
  45. An Influx of Wallets Are Entering the Cardano Ecosystem. Which One Should You Use?
  46. Cardano Proposes to Take DeFi One Step Further: RealFi —Part 1
  47. Cardano Proposes to Take DeFi One Step Further: RealFi —Part 2
  48. Price Follows Value, Ada Follows Cardano
  49. Do You Know Cardano? A review of its History and the Current Situation

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